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Friday, February 2, 2007

It's official

Arrow 2On February 1st eNews representative Dennis attended the Cincinnati Windows Vista and Office 2007 launch. These events are usually very upbeat fun events. Dennis and I both attended the Windows 2000 and XP Launches and I must say we both had a blast. I was looking very forward to this launch since Windows Vista is supposed to be the "biggest release ever." However, this year I was not able to attend so Dennis went by himself. Dennis made sure to keep me filled in with the inside scoop on everything going at the launch. To my surprise though Microsoft "cheaped" out on this years launch. Microsoft really did not pay any attention to the consumer at the event and paid all the attention to their partners. Of course it is not the partners that keep Microsoft alive it is you and me the consumer that Microsoft is who it is.

Dennis was very disappointed with the fact that their were no hands on demo computers available to mess around with the guts of Windows Vista. At the event their was a huge showing from the key partners such as HP however eNews did not attend to check out the new computers that Vista can run on but the actual product. The individual sessions that Dennis attended were just video of the product and he even said that one of the machines received an error message. I must say Microsoft I love you but you are slacking off....BIG TIME. First you delay the product for three years then you do not even show it off very well. I have thrown many events in my day and I can pull it off. I expect for Vienna that you go back to the days of Windows 2000 which was the greatest launch event I have attended. Ahh I can still picture me walking into the convention center to the song "Ray of Light" by Madonna.

I understand that your stock is crumbling and that sales are down but lets be honest pumping up the product will turn both the other direction. I must finish this off by saying that the launch was terrible and that Vienne's better be 600 times better.

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